About Us

Since our founding in 2013 Versified Technology (VersiTech) has grown by leaps and bounds. From the repairing of computer hardware, website development and the providing of network solutions. We have a number of products:

  1. Management systems for schools, hospitals, and banks.
  2. Automated Number Plate Recognition systems
  3. Machine Learning Local Language Translation Engine (Akasanoma)
  4. Event Online Ticketing system (vtix).
  5. Face Identification system (FaceID)
  6. Versified Point Of Sale system (vpos)
  7. Spreadsheet Sanitization Utility (SSU)
  8. Data Collection and Validation System (vcollect)
  9. Versified Virtual Class
  10. Versified Meet (vmeet) | Online meeting and conferencing
  11. Susu Mobile App

A lot has changed since 2012, and we work towards a brighter day with technology.

Our Values

Your satisfaction is our core value.

We are dedicated to ensure your happiness so the smile never goes off your face. VersiTech assigns the best engineers to your project to make you and your company stand tall among competitors.

Our team is our asset

VersiTech is a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change management and depth in our respective areas of expertise. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our cherished clients starts with our team of smart experts with at least 10yrs of experience. We are committed to helping people and companies/organizations change more effectively with outstanding results.

Our Mission

Versified Technology’ mission is to enhance the business operation of its clients by developing and/or implementing premium IT products and services. Versified Technology’ mission includes: Providing high quality software development services, professional consulting and development outsourcing that would improve our customers’ operations; Making access to information easier and secure (Enterprise Business); Improving communication and data exchange (Business to Business); Providing our customers with a Value for Money and Providing our employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.

Our Vision

Versified Technology is a leading IT company for Consulting Services and Deployment of best of breed Business Solutions to top tier domestic and international customers.

    Our Services

  1. Outsourcing Web Portals
  2. Web Hosting
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Web Designing
  5. Content Writing
  6. Bulk SMS Services Integrations
  7. MLM Applications
  8. Biometric Solution
  9. Software Development
  10. Search Engine Optimisation
  11. Domain Name Registration & Renewal
  12. SMS Gateway
  13. Integration Security Devices
  14. Integration with Software Portal and Online Application Development